[Vaginal uterine cap]_ vaginal uterine cap _ effect _ sufficient _ curative effect

[Vaginal uterine cap]_ vaginal uterine cap _ effect _ sufficient _ curative effect

Sexual life is the most common thing between husband and wife, and it can also promote the relationship between husband and wife very well, but it is very important for many pregnant families to do contraception during sexual life, otherwise it is ordinaryInduced abortion is very harmful to women’s body, but there are many different contraceptive methods. Among them, the vaginal uterine cap is a better contraceptive method, but it will not affect the quality of sexual life, but it must be mastered.Good use, let’s find out how to use the vaginal uterine cap. How to use the vaginal uterine cap 1 Before using, the examiner measures the distance from the posterior vaginal fornix to the posterior margin of the pubic bone with your fingers to help choose an appropriate type of diaphragm.

Finally, ask the doctor to give you a choice; 2. Check whether the uterine cap is damaged.

And apply a small amount of contraceptive jelly (contraceptive cream that can kill sperm) at the edges; 3. Take a semi-recumbent or semi-squat position with your legs slightly apart, your labia in your left hand, your index finger, middle finger, and thumb pinch your uterine capSent into the vagina, supplement the posterior fornix with the trailing edge, and the leading edge resists the pubic concavity to cover the cervix; 4, 8 after sexual intercourse?
Remove for 12 hours.

The method is: use your index finger to reach the vagina.

Hook the edge of the cap behind the pubic bone and slowly pull it out. After taking out, wash it with warm water or soapy water and wipe it dry. Put Wei Wei powder in a clean and dry box for next time.

In general, a vaginal dialysis can be used repeatedly for two years.

The vagina does not contain oily substances (such as vaseline) to avoid damaging the latex film.

Pros: Security.

Wear before sexual intercourse, do not need to take medicine or injections, will not produce a response to hormone drugs.

Long-term use has no effect on physical health and does not affect sexual life.

The highest value of growth opportunity can be restored immediately after recovery. Research data show that women who use contraceptive methods such as uterine caps can reduce the rate of sexually transmitted diseases and cervical cancer.

Disadvantages: Due to the troublesome use of vaginal contraction, there are not many users at present.

The above is an introduction to the use of vaginal uterine caps. After understanding, we know that vaginal uterine caps are also very simple to use, but some are some gynecological diseases, such as vaginitis and uterine prolapse. Women are better not to use fingers.Vaginal uterine cap for contraception.

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