[How to eat roasted grass]_How to eat_How to eat

[How to eat roasted grass]_How to eat_How to eat

Presumably many women are very fond of eating Xiancao, because it is a very delicious dessert. Whether in summer or winter, it is a popular presence.

In the hot summer, a cup of iced burning fairy grass can help cool the heat, and in the cold winter, a cup of warm burning fairy grass can help warm the heart and spleen.

Today’s article will explain to readers the method of making and eating edible grass.

In the winter, the hot burning grass is a sweet dessert that makes consumers feel at ease. When eating, add the pre-fried or cooked peeled peanuts, fine powdered round, pinto beans, mung beans, red beans and other materials.Just eat.

In the summer, a bowl of ice-cold fairy grass can really clear the sultry blood of the five internal organs, and of course, it is full of natural beauty, and it is the holy product of hot summer heat.


Add 1000CC water to boil, add 1500G sugar, and then add 3000CC burning fairy grass; 2.

Boil the poured grass juice again, pour the burnt grass powder (powder needs purified water instead), and stir well; 3.

Instant cooling or water-proof heating.

It can be solidified by adding raw flour, and sweetened saffron beans with honey on top.


Ancient early licorice tea (serving for 10 people) Ingredients: 1 dried grass (about 3 two), 10 bowls of water, 1 1/2 tsp of soda powder, 5 tablespoons of fructoseBoil water and soda powder together, and cook over low heat for about 40?
After 50 minutes, filter and let cool. Fill in an appropriate amount of fructose and chill.

Health Tips: 1.

This tea drink is added with a small amount of sweet potato powder, and the water is thin.


Dry grass is available in supermarkets and green grass stores; soda flour is available in grocery stores.

Nutrition analysis (one serving): Content 23.

0 kcal.

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