Jerusalem artichoke is a kind of food we often eat. It is relatively high. Usually, we ca n’t eat too much when eating ginger to avoid the problem of obesity. In fact, its nutritional value is quite good, especiallyA certain medicinal value, it can regulate blood sugar in both directions, which is enough to stabilize people’s blood sugar. In addition, when mumps occurs, it can be applied to the skin after disrupting ginger, which has a good effect of swelling and pain relief.

Jerusalem artichokes Jerusalem artichokes ca n’t be eaten with any food. There are many things that ca n’t be eaten with Jerusalem artichokes. The average person is suitable for Jerusalem artichokes, but we are not suitable to eat them with eggs.Yes, traditional eating habits say this is bad.

Jerusalem artichoke is a relatively high-grade food, which has a higher conversion than ginger. If you are a fat man, try to eat less ginger.

And many people worry that eating ginger can cause too much. You should know that the conversion of Jerusalem artichoke to 56 calories in 100 grams is slightly higher than that of ginger.

Consumption of Jerusalem artichoke will not cause weight gain.

Jerusalem artichoke’s medicinal value is the flower of the perennial herb Jerusalem artichoke, Asteraceae.

Chinese medicine believes that this product is sweet, cool, enters the liver meridian, has the effect of clearing the liver and clearing the heat, improving eyesight, and is suitable for dry eyes, red eyes, swelling and pain.

Jerusalem artichoke is especially good for people with diabetes. Jerusalem artichoke can regulate blood sugar in both directions. It can be increased when the blood sugar is low, and it can be lowered when the blood sugar is too high.

Jerusalem artichoke rhizomes can be used to smash external application, which can treat unknown swelling and mumps.

It is good for puffiness and unfavorable urination.

Jerusalem artichoke can be made into sweet ginger.

Jerusalem artichoke can improve the body’s immunity, which can reduce the incidence of diseases, Jerusalem artichoke can also establish a good beauty effect, Jerusalem artichoke can also promote the metabolism of the human body, can promote the body’s absorption of minerals.

Jerusalem artichoke is beneficial to the synthesis of vitamins, and it can also prevent dental caries. Jerusalem artichoke has the effect of cooling heat and cooling blood, and can be used to reduce swelling and treat fever and bruises.

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