Ronaldo’s birthday party is in trouble! Real Madrid will punish J Rohdila for participating _1

Ronaldo’s birthday party is in trouble! Real Madrid will punish J Rohdilla
According to a report on Spanish TV station Four, Real Madrid is considering punishing Hedira and J Ronaldo. Both players took part in Ronaldo’s birthday party with injuries.The contract of the German midfielder with Real Madrid expired in June this year. He has been sentenced to death by Real Madrid. The punishment for Hedila will open the door to Lucas Silva. Brazil’s midfielder has not yet been able to get on the court after joining Real Madrid.opportunity.  TV 4 said that Real Madrid will use internal discipline against J Ronaldo and Hedi La, punishing them for taking injuries to participate in Ronaldo’s controversial birthday party.It is reported that the Real Madrid executives have decided that Hedila’s prospects in Real Madrid have ended, and the German midfielder will no longer be able to get a chance to start.J Ronaldo will be punished by Real Madrid   Hedira was injured in the match against Atletico last Saturday, but he did not follow the doctor’s advice after the game and chose to go home to rest, but attended Ronaldo’s untimely birthday party.On Monday, the Real Madrid Club issued a notice stating that Hedila was injured in the biceps muscle of his left leg.This injury will leave Hedilla sidelined for three weeks. Hedila’s situation will open the door for Lucas Silva, which Real Madrid introduced in the winter transfer market. In the last two games, Lucas SilValdo sits on the bench, but neither against Sevilla nor Atletico, the Brazilian midfielder has failed to play. He has yet to make his debut on the Real Madrid.  Hedila had a lot of problems in these two seasons. He was injured and in poor condition. He had very few opportunities to participate in the game. He had also been eyeing other clubs. The German media said Hedila had already signed an agreement with Bayern Munich.This season, Hedila only started in three La Liga games, and this season, Hedila is difficult to start again. Even if the injury comes back, he can only watch the game on the bench.  J Ronaldo’s injury to attend C Ronaldo’s birthday party was also disliked by Real Madrid’s top executives, and the club will also punish it, but it is more economic.Last Thursday, Ronaldo underwent the fifth metatarsal surgery in Murcia. The doctor told him to recuperate at home. However, the Colombians ignored the doctor’s orders. In fact, he was the most active member of Ronaldo’s party. He laughed and laughed.Overnight with singer Roldan, also from Colombia.  J Ronaldo and Hedira are not the only players in Real Madrid who took injuries to Ronaldo’s birthday party. They have been injured for 90 days, but Modric, whose return time is still uncertain, also participated in Ronaldo’s party.But the Croatian was the first player to leave the party, and the next day he apologized for this: my behavior was wrong.It is reported that the club will not punish Modric.(Sergio)

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