[Gender equality doesn’t work in this place]

[“Gender equality” doesn’t work in this place]

Nowadays, it is an era that stresses the pursuit of “equality between men and women.”

It is said that women’s sexual and physiological response is basically the same as that of men, and there are basically four stages of excitement, upsurge, orgasm and end.

Orgasm is a systemic reaction and activity caused by the extreme excitement of the central nervous system, including muscle tension in the whole body, rhythmic contraction of vaginal muscles, and even involuntary tightening of pelvic muscles; heartbeats can reach 180 times per minute; systolic pressure and diastoleIncrease the pressure by 20?
50 mmHg; sweating all over the body and more.

At the moment when I get a high degree of pleasure, it will be ecstatic to be thrown into the room or feel the clouds and fog.

Since sexual and physiological responses are the same for men and women, some people believe that it is not appropriate for women to be “passive” during the entire sexual life.

In order to make sex life harmonious and perfect, “equality between men and women” should be promoted.

This view is actually a biased formalism, and it is not in line with the characteristics of male and female reproductive organs.

Therefore, one-sided pursuit of “equality between men and women” in sexual life may not be able to achieve satisfactory results. The reasons are as follows: male-dominated sexual methods make it easier to mobilize the “sex” taste of two people, and male muscles are tough and strong.Its reproductive organs are characterized by a strong attack.

If men lose this characteristic, the sex process cannot be completed.

Above that, women’s muscles are soft and their reproductive organs are loose and fit for accommodation.

Psychologically speaking, males are relatively rough, aggressive, and aggressive; women are more delicate, tolerant, and able to withstand.

From these characteristics, men should also be on the offensive, while women should be on the defensive.

In husband and wife sex life, male attack and female defense are the most commonly used methods of sexual love. Apart from the influence of traditional culture, their physical and psychological factors cannot be ignored.


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