[The dangers of children eating sugar]_kids_affect

[The dangers of children eating sugar]_kids_affect

Children should try to avoid eating sugar when they are young, because the substances contained in sugar are particularly susceptible to tooth decay. If children do not develop oral hygiene habits when they are young, giving them sugar can easily cause their teeth to be damagedAfter the teeth, a series of oral problems will develop, and children may often feel toothache, which will affect dental health. So what are the dangers of children eating sugar?


Can cause dental caries often eat sugar and not mouthwash in time, very vulnerable to dental caries (fractured teeth) and a variety of oral diseases.

Dental and oral diseases can cause many wounds when we eat.


Causes anorexia to eat too much sweets, raises blood sugar, suppresses appetite, and depends on the sweet taste.

It is also an important cause of anorexia in some children.


Leading to fractures, the metabolism of sugar in the body requires the consumption of multiple vitamins and minerals. Therefore, regular sugar consumption can cause nutritional problems such as vitamin deficiency, calcium deficiency, and potassium deficiency.

Japanese nutritionists believe that excessive consumption of sweets by children is an important reason for the increase in fracture rates; American nutritionists also pointed out that children who love sweets have increased fracture rates.

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Decreased nutrient absorption Children often eat sugar, especially fasting sugar, which can damage the body’s absorption of important nutrients such as proteins and affect physical development and intellectual development.

The British physiologist Dr. Harding has found through experiments that the combination of sugar and protein can change the original molecular structure of the protein and become a condensed substance, which not only reduces the nutritional value, but also is difficult to absorb.


Polysaccharides, which are caused by gas phase nutrients, have a great effect on the human body. When sugar enters the body, one part breaks down under the action of insulin to supply the energy required by the body, and the other part also synthesizes glycogen under the action of it.Store up for emergency use.

However, the human body has a high content of glycogen, and even more sugar will be converted into trace amounts and stored in the body, which will cause obesity over time. Obesity can cause many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer.


The body that causes diabetes has the ability to recognize. When a large amount of sugar food is implanted, the breakdown will work hard, secreting insulin desperately to break down these sugars into glycogen.

If a person regularly ingests a large amount of sugar, he may often be overloaded with work, and every organ in the body has a life span. Overworked work may lead to premature failure and stop working sooner or later. At this time, Diabetes occurs.


Gout caused by excessive sugar can easily lead to the formation of endogenous uric acid in the human body, and excessively high uric acid can easily cause gout. Gout is a very tortured disease. You can’t die, but you want to die.

It has a nickname called “Undead Cancer”, and a survey in the United States found that people who drink a lot of sweet drinks have a 120% higher incidence of gout than people who don’t drink sweet drinks.

It can be seen that the harm of excessive sugar is surprisingly terrible.

Too much sugar is extremely harmful to the body, and sudden blood sugar rises and long-term hyperglycemia can easily lead to diabetes.

And certain metabolic diseases such as gout.

Friends who want to control weight must control the replacement of sugar, so as not to turn too much sugar into auspicious in the body.

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