[Three secret things women can’t say]

[Three secret things women can’t say]

In the inner world of women, there are some sexual secrets that can affect the relationship between husband and wife. They are usually reluctant to reveal these sexual secrets to men. Men have to explore and control them by themselves.

Sexuality Today, many husbands only care about making money and neglect sex.

Constant work reduces the energy of sex. Over time, it leads to sexual obesity in the wife.

A Hua, a 30-year-old, said in a psychological consultation: “I have been married for more than ten years, and the couple’s sex has been harmonious. However, since our husband started business, our sex life is getting less and less.I was so tired that my original sexual pleasure disappeared.

I tried to show him my inner world several times, but I didn’t say anything every time I spoke.

“Because women often lack initiative in sex, men often think that women lack sexual interest. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Sexual life is a normal physical and psychological need. Both men and women have sexual requirements. When women are sexually neglected or obese, they are even more eager for sex.

Women need sex and desire for sex. This is natural, reasonable, and indisputable. Do not place sexual frivolity and sexual sensuality.

Sexual life is jointly owned by both spouses. No matter which party has the obligation to cooperate with each other, they also have the right to obtain sexual satisfaction from it.

Therefore, when a wife needs sex, tell her husband to defeat her cooperation and gain sexual satisfaction.

However, if the husband is inadequate or in poor health, the wife must also take care of him and work hard to restrain himself. At the same time, he must take the initiative to care about his body. He must not resent and accuse the husband of his sexual needsThis will only bring shadows to the relationship between husband and wife.

As a husband, no matter how busy you are at work, you must leave some energy and time for love.

Love takes time to consolidate, and sexual harmony requires experience.

This is why contemporary sexologists have repeated time and again, leaving time and energy for sex.

So, women need some sexual interest?

In fact, women of different ages often have different sexual and sexual requirements.

Approximately, women in their twenties prayed for romantic sexuality, love, and poetry; women in their thirties transformed the maturity of love, and they longed for the husband to share household chores, educate children, and value family life; fortyMost of the women in their old age hope that their husbands have enough time for emotional communication. Women in their 50s and older values their love, and they are eager to remember the past with their husband.

After this, the husband should be good at observation, exploration, timely giving the wife sexual interest, and braking to meet their sexual requirements.


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