[Do you eat toon buds with high blood pressure]_ impact _ harm

[Do you eat toon buds with high blood pressure]_ impact _ harm

Toon is a spring vegetable.

Many people actually don’t like to eat toon, and think that the toon tastes very strange.

But the more abundant nutrients in toon, especially protein, calcium and vitamins, are very high.

But for some friends with high blood pressure, they like to eat toon, but they worry that toon is not good for blood pressure.

So, does eating toon buds have high blood pressure?

Toon is called “vegetable on the tree” and is the tender bud of toon tree.

Before and after the valley rains every spring, the buds of Toona sinensis can cause various deformations.

It is not only nutritious, but also has high medicinal value.

Toon leaves have thick buds and tender green leaves with red edges, like agate and emerald, with a strong fragrance and rich nutrition, which is much higher than other vegetables.

Toon head is extremely rich in nutrients.

According to analysis, every 100 grams of toon head contains protein 9.

8 grams, 143 mg of calcium, 115 mg of vitamin C, are among the best in vegetables.

It also contains 135 mg of phosphorus and 1 carotene.

36 mg, and nutrients such as iron and B vitamins.

Can be used for making toon scrambled eggs, toon bamboo shoots, toon mixed with tofu, tofu, fried toon cake, tossed with three shreds, preserved tofu fish, toon chicken breast, toon patties, tofu skin tofu, toon with peanuts, and cold toon, Pickled toon, cold toon head.

[12]Contraindications to eating toon: The general population can eat toon.

However, toona sinensis is a hair product, and food can easily induce diarrhea to recur, so patients with chronic diseases should eat less or not.

Many people also pointed out that Toona sinensis contains nitrate and nitrite, and the content is much higher than that of ordinary vegetables. However, the protein content of Toona sinensis is higher than that of ordinary vegetables, and there is a risk of carcinogenic nitrosamines.Follow the following principles: ① Select the smallest and tenderest toon buds. It is found that the contents of nitrate and nitrite in toon in different regions, varieties and growing seasons are different.

The most important thing is that the nitrate content of Toona sinensis decreased during the initial stage of germination, and the toxin bud grew continuously, and the nitrate content also increased.

By mid-April, the nitrate content of toon buds in most areas exceeded the standards set by the World Health Organization and the United Nations.

In other words, the softer the toon buds, the less nitrate among them, and the less nitrite produced in future storage.

② The selection of the freshest toon bud also showed that after 4 months, the nitrate content in the toon bud increased and the nitrite content still decreased.

Therefore, if you eat fresh toon buds, it will still not cause the problem of nitrite poisoning.

However, after harvesting, a large amount of nitrate will be converted into nitrite during indoor storage, which poses a safety hazard.

The so-called high content of nitrite in toon bud is precisely the reason.

That is to say, it is safe to eat freshly picked spring buds from the tree, while the spring buds purchased from the market will have a significant increase in nitrite content as it has undergone transportation.

If it is time for the leaves to fall, it will inevitably produce a large amount of nitrite.

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