[Fried tofu degeneration]_action_effect

[Fried tofu degeneration]_action_effect

In winter, everyone ‘s wish is to eat a beautiful hot pot, but many people only pay attention to the amplitude when eating, avoiding various types of minefields, and the volume of certain fried tofu does.Higher, and tofu itself may produce yield, so eat tofu appropriately, if you want to eat, you can eat boiled tofu.

1 weight loss “minefield”: Goose skin degeneration is super high back to the top. In the winter, eating a hot pot is not only satisfying the appetite and warming the body, but the heat of the hot pot also makes many people who want to lose weight timid.

However, here are a few weight-loss “minefields” and 3 healthy low-radiation hot pots that you need to avoid, so you can enjoy a warm winter without having to worry about getting fat.

Minefield 1: Chicken, whether peeling or degeneration is far worse!

Taking chicken skin before frying chicken is the iron rule for diet and weight loss. Whether it is peeled or not, the difference is 100 kcal before and after!

Although chicken skin contains a large amount of collagen, which has the effect of beauty and beauty, but for the weight loss, the degeneration and trace content of chicken skin can be said to be a more terrifying killer!

Too many people like to use chicken thighs to make hot pot. In fact, chicken breast is the most abundant protein content, and the trace content is also small, so many people recommend eating chicken breasts more when losing weight.

But if the chicken breast is heated for too long, it will make the meat hard, so pay attention when eating hot pot!

Minefield II: The old man’s fish liver, delicious but many unusually high!

The old man fish is very popular in Japan, with a small amount of fish meat, and rich in collagen, it is a good ingredient for women.

The most delicious part of the old man’s fish is the liver, but the trace content of the old man’s liver is quite different from the fish itself, with a conversion of up to 445 calories per 100 grams!

Minefield 3: Pork, up to 200 calories per 100 grams!

Meat foods have always been ingredients that need attention in diet and weight loss. In hot pot diet, you must also choose more carefully.

And there are considerable differences in the transformation of different parts, and whether or not to retract the aunt.

For example, for thigh meat, it is 148 calories per 100 grams after the aunt is retrieved, but if you unfortunately transfer up to 386 calories, the situation is very different!

Sometimes the meat with higher fat content can make the soup thicker, but the content is also relatively high. You must pay attention when eating hot pot!

So how do you choose pork?

Try to avoid pork belly, because occasionally it is almost equal to lean meat, which means that the transfer and trace content will be high.

Tenderloin and thigh meat can effectively inhibit the replacement of the transition. If the aunt is attached to the meat, try to remove it, especially the tenderloin. If the aunt is recovered, it only has 60 calories per 100 grams.

Minefield 4: Fried tofu, the degeneration after tofu is amazingly high!

Tofu is a slimming and inedible ingredient that contains only 72 calories per 100 grams. Various fried fried bean products that can be made from tofu, such as fried tofu, are converted several times after being fried, up to 386 calories.That is to say, a piece of fried tofu is about 25 grams, which is already close to 100 calories per second!

Therefore, do n’t think that fried tofu is a soy product, take it lightly. Some soy products such as tofu, soy milk, natto are all very diet foods, but after frying, the oil content is absorbed and the relative amount is greatly upgraded, so inWhen eating hot pot, it is necessary to control the replacement of fried food!

Minefield 5: Curry, the transformation of different products is very different!

Recently, there are many new hotpot styles. Curry hotpot is one of them. Now there are many curry products, such as powder, block, paste, etc., which can be easily purchased in supermarkets.

We also know that curry energy has a certain effect on weight loss, but if you use curry cubes or curry sauce to make hot pot soup base directly, the conversion will be very high. Based on 20-25 grams per serving, it contains about 100-125 calories.Mainly because 35% of curry cubes and curry sauce are lipids.

Therefore, if you want to eat curry, choose curry powder to prepare soup to lose weight.

Delicious and not afraid of fat: People who eat hot pot at the bottom of the 3 large transition pots must know that the best part of hot pot is the bottom of the pot.

However, people who lose weight know that the heat at the bottom of the pot is often the first to get fat, because the hot pot soup bases on the market are usually made from big bones, otherwise it is a hot pot with a very high oil content.
How to do?

Hurry up now to learn three different styles of homemade non-fat pot bottoms, delicious and not fat!

Every time in the winter, nourishing qi and blood circulation is the traditional Chinese medicine!

Traditional Chinese medicine soup is very nutritious in hot pot. In addition to health, it can also activate blood circulation, which is very helpful for removing toxins and losing weight.

Materials: Angelica 1 yuan, Astragalus 3 yuan, Chinese wolfberry 3 yuan, Chenpi 2 yuan, Guizhi 1 yuan, Longan meat 2 yuan, and ginger 5 slices.

Cooking method: Boil with 4 bowls of water (1000cc) and clear chicken broth (500cc) over high heat. After boiling on low heat for 30 minutes, remove the medicine residue and use it as hot pot soup base.

Best partner: pork, beef, lamb, tofu, etc.

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