[How do steaks taste delicious]_How to marinate_How to make them

[How do steaks taste delicious]_How to marinate_How to make them

If you are not buying a semi-finished steak or a fresh steak when you buy steak, you need to marinate the steak after you buy the steak at home to show the better taste of the steak.

Although it is said that when cooking steak, one’s cooking skills are tested, but when marinating steaks, there are also many skills and methods required.

So how do you marinate steaks to make them more delicious?

How to marinate fresh beef steak Stew ingredients Prepare steak, shallot juice, rice wine, eggs, spicy sauce, tomato sauce, cucumber slices, potato chips or lettuce and tomato slices.

⒉ production steps 1, 100 g weight of the steak into small pieces, by tapping a knife block, or the first plastic wrap cover beef, then a small soft hammer beating, so tasty meat tastes third.

2, a half inch diameter circular sheet, randomly chopped several times, and then rounding the meat into steaks piecewise into a tow with the onion juice, wine, etc. into a marinade, marinate taken five minutes,then drag eggs confused; 3, heat the pan, both surfaces of fry golden brown, cook tomato sauce and Worcestershire sauce, turning a few Zhuangpen pan, together with cucumber slices of potatoes, lettuce and tomato slices or seats i.e.can.
How marinated steak was tender ⒈ Food preparation ⒉ net steak 500 grams seasoning salt, sugar, pepper, soy sauce, wine, MSG amount ⒊ production steps ⑴ steak knife making, salt, sugar, pepper and other spices marinated for half an hour;⑵ steak on the barbecue grill into the box, first bake for 25 minutes, then flip bake for 10 minutes.

How fried beef tender enough: As the saying goes, “vertical cross-cut beef chicken.”

Beef meat against the lines to cut, i.e., if the lines are horizontal, the cut time to select a direction perpendicular to the grain.

(Meat fiber direction and a vertical edge) because it can cut beef fibers, inlet and easy to chew.

Corned beef is very important: after a good cut of beef, a good cut of beef to bowl first pickled look, the key to getting tenderize the beef.

Was added 250 g of beef a tablespoon oyster sauce (about 15ML), grasping mix evenly, marinate for a while.

Was added a teaspoon of baking soda (about 5ML), mix well.

The baking soda is added is to tenderize beef critical, but the amount of baking soda to master can not be too much – will be bitter; nor too little – no effect.

Add half of the egg mix evenly grip (left), was added a teaspoon of starch and mix well.

Well marinated beef.

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